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Photography and video news:

It’s been a little while since I updated anything, so here’s another roundup of my photography and videography news!

Signa video:

A good friend of mine approached me a while ago to help with a video he was shooting for training company, Signa, down in London. I was brought in to shoot a couple of segments for a health and safety video that would be used to welcome new staff/trainees. Luckily the sun shone down on us as we spent the first day filming five Hot Rod-esque skits at Twickenham stadium, and the second at the office in Clapham. Here are a couple of shots:

twickenham impactvisuALS-5915 twickenham impactvisuALS-5933

Download Festival

I spend a lot of time working solo, and so when the chance comes along to get involved with a team, I jump at it. Having worked at numerous festivals in the past, when I saw that broadcast and events video specialists Ogle Hog were looking for a production runner for Download I got in touch. Cue four days of mud, rain and lots of laughter. It was a great team, and awesome opportunity to get involved with shooting large events live. It was also an opportunity to get some good photos, and so I put my iPhone to the test during Rammstein’s set on the Friday. Here are the results:

IMG_6241 download impactvisuALS-5995 download impactvisuALS-6020download rammstein impactvisuALS-6038

download impactvisuALS-5994

download rammstein impactvisuALS-6040 download impactvisuALS-6028


After an awesome time at Download, the offer came to join Ogle Hog at Stereophonics, where I ended up doing camera for two of the support acts; something I’ve wanted to do since I was about 18. The gig was in Wrexham, and the atmosphere was incredible – Welsh crowd, Welsh band, and Wales had just qualified for the quarter finals of Euro 2016.

stereophonics impactvisuALS-6172 stereophonics impactvisuALS-6192stereophonics impactvisuALS-stereophonics impactvisuALS-6178

Coming soon

That’s all for now.  Soon I will be unveiling my newly updated website, so don’t forget to visit again!

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