Anna Lucia Sadler impactvisuALS

In 2014 Anna decided it was time to pull all of her experiences together and create impactvisuALS. Here’s what she has to say about the journey that got her here:


“I grew up loving movies. And not just for the story, or the characters, but for how the shots were constructed and how the camera angles contributed to the narrative. I was hooked.

At 12 I was filming and directing short films – under the supervision of my dad, of course.
At 14+ I was part of a very dynamic media department at school/college, that encouraged me to develop my skills and experiment with filming techniques and story telling. A film I directed and edited was part of a local film festival, and also used by the examining board for media studies as an example for students across the UK. I owe a lot to the teachers and technical staff who were so pivotal to my development.
At 18 my love of movie making lead me to Bournemouth University’s very established and acclaimed Media School. My attention shifted away from directing and more towards camera, although my experiences during the course gave me a broad knowledge of all areas of production, including pre-production, lighting and editing.

Over the years I gained experience with numerous production companies. In Bournemouth I worked with independent local companies, where I cut my teeth filming Raymond Blanc waxing lyrical about the gastronomy of a good tomato at Le Manoire, as well as promotional videos for Poole Borough Council, Sunseeker Yachts, and a fundraising video for the oncology ward at Bournemouth Hospital. In London I worked at Shine and Tiger Aspect.

After graduating with a BA (Hons) in TV Production I craved adventure, and so spent many years travelling and working – my camera in tow – from festivals to music venues and theatres, the snow capped alps to the beaches of Australia’s Gold Coast.  It was during my adventures that my interest broadened into photography, and so when I returned home after a year in Australia I knew I wanted to work for myself. And so impactvisuALS was born.

Since then my commercial work to date has covered four key areas, with clients in the food and drink industry, health and fitness sector, artists and companies within the manufacturing industry. Always keen to expand my horizons, I love working on creative challenges with clients from all backgrounds. And I look forward to working with you!”