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Event photography can be pretty fun!  Especially if there’s live music, a BBQ and cocktails involved.  This combination usually leads to a lot of people having a great time, and so helps me – the photographer – do my job.  You’re only as good as your subject, after all (Scott Kelby, 2016).

Over the bank Holiday, the Orange tree in Loughborough held Alfresco, an all-day outdoor music, food and drink event to raise money for the charity Coping With Cancer.  Over a grand was raised, which in itself is brilliant, and the event obviously went down as well with the attendees as the cocktails did!

I was the photographer at varying points of the day/night, and I’m actually sad that I didn’t get to see all of the 6 acts!  What I did get to see and shoot, though, was an awesome, eclectic mix of artists, and a lot of happy faces despite the day being a little grey.

Here’s a selection of my favourite shots from the event, and also some links for you to check out:

the Orange tree Loughborough

Coping With Cancer

French Leave

White Giant

Tyler Nugent

Katey Brooks

Kieran Fowkes

Hope Stewart

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