Beach Photography

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It wasn’t until I went to university in Bournemouth that my love of the coast developed. Spending four years down there, within a stones throw of the jurassic coast and some of the UK’s most beautiful beaches was an incredible experience and one that I feel very fortunate for having. Living near the coast while I was over in Australia was similarly rewarding. Near the sea I feel at peace, which perhaps conflicts with the fact I live smack bang in the middle of the UK! But at least being central means I am able to do my photography and videography without having to travel too far!

Anyway, the brief bit of traveling I managed to do on the coast of Queensland was awe inspiring in its natural beauty. I mean, I missed the cultural history of Europe – the art, architecture, etc – but the scale of the natural history over in Australia was quite spellbinding and certainly makes you realise just how small our little Island is. The UK can fit in Queensland alone something like 12 times.

I didn’t have nearly enough time to see everything, but here are a few of the beaches I have been fortunate enough to take photos of – one of them being Sandbanks back down near Bournemouth, where it all began.


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