Fitness Photography Shoot

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The fitness industry is huge, and we are bombarded with images of people who have worked very hard both in and out of gyms to achieve the bodies we are perhaps supposed to aspire towards having. Personally I used to train a lot and I loved it, but issues with injury have kept me out of gym for quite some time. I still find gyms to be fascinating spaces though – not only for the Attenborough-esque commentary I have in my head of the dynamics between people who frequent such places, but also because I find the kit and the environment interesting. From a photography and videography point of view, they’re pretty cool locations to shoot, and the people who work the hardest in the gyms make good subjects!

I’ve had some experience doing the “after” shots of the before/after style progress shots at the gym, but have recently wanted to do something a little more creative and more fitness magazine shoot in style. In Loughborough, there’s a really cool functional training space called NPC Performance Centre, and by a stroke of luck I ended up in touch with one of their personal trainers, Emma Francesca O’Flynn. Emma is one of those trainers who certainly practices what she preaches and works really hard for the body she wants/has. She also happened to want some photos doing, so the timing worked perfectly.

NPC is really light – sky lights pretty much run the length of the roof – and so I wanted to utilise as much of that natural light as possible. Not only that, but for our first experience of shooting together (and my first experience of doing a proper shoot in a gym) I wanted to work light and not have to worry about too much kit getting in people’s way as they trained.

Prior to the shoot, Emma told me she liked the style and feel of a lot of the photography on the Nike Women’s Instagram, and so after spending some time checking it out I was inspired. Having already sussed out the gym, I knew what equipment we had to play with, so suggested a few shots to Emma. We both agreed they were perfect.

Armed with a reflector and one off camera flash, the shoot took a couple of hours (a lot of the time being spent moving assorted bits of kit from the back of shots), and was really fun. Due to the shots being based around the use of certain kit for training, rather than having Emma standing/flexing under loads of lights, I felt the need to apologise a fair few times for how exhausting this kind of work is!

“Can you just support that tyre for another 10 seconds?”
“Another pull up?”
“One more time through with the ropes?”

Luckily, Emma loves to train so it didn’t go down too badly!

Anyway, here’s the result of that time in the gym! I hope at some point to go back to shoot a promo video.

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