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Something of a theme is developing in my work; food and drink photography!  It’s not a direction that was particularly intentional, but I certainly enjoy the work I’ve been doing for numerous food and drink related companies over the last couple of years.

So, here’s my intro to food and drink photography

I’m still in a position where I love to take on work of a varying nature, and certainly don’t see myself specialising just yet.  And so, I make content for people – whether you need photography or video for your website, social media, or for print… whatever the purpose, I love to work with you – the client – to get the shots you need.

LBPC The Crown Inn Anna Lucia Sadler impactvisuALS-5425

One such food and drink client that I regularly work with is the Little Britain Pub Company.  Last year LBPC were in a position where they were about to open a new pub (their fourth in Leicestershire), and so wanted to change the current style of their websites.  The design they’d been using for their 3 other pubs didn’t really show off the personality and quality of the LBPC brand.

LBPC The Crown Inn Anna Lucia Sadler impactvisuALS-5538

I was approached by Emma at Print Monkey – a brill print and marketing services agency based in Loughborough – to create content for the brand spanking new website design for the new pub, The Crown Inn.  The rest, as they say, is history.  I’ve been back numerous times to develop more content for the website, and I’m now involved with the rebrand of the websites for their first 3 pubs.  (Here’s one from The Blue Bell Inn, that I shot on Tuesday:)

LBPC The Blue Bell Inn Anna Lucia Sadler impactvisuALS-2477

One of my more recent trips to The Crown Inn was to work with Lesley (owner, marketing manager, all round cool lady) on photographing their new menu, which changes seasonally.  Bring on the burgers!

I haven’t had a lot of experience in the past of focusing primarily on food photography – it’s usually been a by-product of photographing at an event – so this was a really great opportunity to get stuck in and create something that Lesley would be proud to put on their website.  And so, we set up our “studio” in the billiard room at the back of the pub, and the dishes came in thick and fast.  I lost count of how many we shot, but my favourites were from the kids’ menu… cue getting to play not only with food, but also with the Hulk, Spiderman, a couple of toy cars and a mouse in a dress.

A lot of the food photography and imagery that we see in the media is fake.  Food stylists are tasked with the job of making a dish or a product look edible, whether the ingredients in it are edible or not.  For example, the condensation on a bottle of beer is a mix of deodorant and glycerin; the milk on the cereal is watered down pva glue; that amazing looking ice cream sundae is actually made with mashed potato; and the reddest of the strawberries has probably been touched up with lipstick.  On our shoot, we used no such tricks, which I think is a testament to how awesome the dishes are at The Crown Inn.

Which I guess leads us nicely on to this slideshow of some of my favourites from the shoot!

Check out my other blog posts about working with Little Britain Pub Company, and if you’re interested in reading about some of the secrets of food styling, here’s a great article from the guardian:

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