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You may have read in previous blogs that in the past I’ve shot videos for Midlands based food magazine Great Food Club. Created by Matt Wright, Great Food Club is a guide to the very best local producers of food and drink, and gives great discounts to its members. It’s also free to join.

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Matt contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I could make a recipe video series that would go out in his monthly e-newsletter to all of the GFC members. We discussed a sort of sped-up top-down birds eye view style video that is quite popular at the moment on the likes of Instagram and various other food channels on social media. The video needed to celebrate local producers, and also be colourful, seasonal and easy to follow.

Already being aware of how good the venison is from the Bradgate Park Trust in Leicestershire, I planned a fajita recipe (or rather I scoured the internet and did my own version of a Jamie Oliver recipe) based around their steaks, and also approached Charnwood Brewery for their advice as to which of their beers would best suit the dish (Black Fox stout, which I highly recommend!).

Armed with ingredients for the spicy vegetables, the salsa, guacamole and of course the steak, I set about preparing for the shoot. I roped in my dad – who luckily is a good cook, and therefore his knife work looks pretty slick on video – to be my beautiful hand model/chef, and once everything was prepped I built a rudimentary structure with which to do the top-down shooting.

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Using a 1m long camera slider, and a couple of 3m tall heavy duty light stands, I rigged my camera high up over the butchers block in my kitchen, and weighed it down with a couple of ballasts. It was a tight fit, but after a bit of adjusting it worked perfectly, providing we didn’t shift our body weight too much while recording (the joy of a wooden floor). It took a little while to get the composition of the food, chopping board and various crockery right (difficult when working backwards as the OLED screen on the camera was having to point the wrong way for me to access it from below), and with having only a finite number of dishes to use there was a lot of washing up between takes!

I shot the video at 2fps to get the time-lapse/sped-up look we were after, and we managed to do each part of the dish in only one take, which was fortunate as I hadn’t bought any extra ingredients. The credit here goes to dad and his mad chopping skills! We learnt a little late that our new chopping boards had a tendency to slide all over the place (check out the video for the moment we remembered that having something underneath it would help keep it in place!).

The edit came and went fairly quickly, the titles being the most time consuming part, as well as a little bit of colour correction and shaving off a few frames here and there.

All in all, it was a fun project to plan and shoot, and the end result tasted amazing. I massively recommend trying Bradgate Park Trust’s venison, and also heading over to Charnwood Brewery to see their range of beers. Here are all relevant websites for you to check out:

Great Food Club / Facebook

Charnwood Brewery / Facebook

The Bradgate Park Trust / Facebook


Are there any local producers that you would recommend I use in future videos? Answers on a postcard, please 😉

Here’s the vid:

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