In the Gym

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I’ve shot the progress of several gym bunnies who wanted to document their physical transformations after months of hard work and dedication to their training.  It’s a fun environment to work in, particularly as they’re the ones doing all the hard work!  You wouldn’t believe how exhausting it is to hold a certain pose to show definition in specific muscle groups – rather them than me, but I have massive respect for their efforts. Fitness and health photography is something I would certainly like to explore further!

Here’s a taster of some of my work so far:

Gym-1 Gym-2 Gym-3 Gym-4 Gym-5 Gym-6 Gym-8 Gym-9



Gym-17 Gym-18Gym-22Gym-23












Gym-13Gym-12 Gym-11










Gym-21 Gym-20 Gym-16











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