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As anyone who reads my blog (hi mum!) is aware, I’ve been focusing a lot on marketing recently; in particular ways in which to boost my presence online, improve the content I post about, and generally create a dialogue with prospective photo and video clients.

It’s not an easy task when you have lots to do – as I mentioned in my previous post about being a one-woman band responsible for absolutely everything. It’s always important to “think outside the box” – I hate that phrase – and find ways to make what you do interesting to people who wouldn’t otherwise seek you out.

It’s also important to be adaptable, which is precisely what this blog post is about.

Over the summer I did a load of work in association with Print Monkey for Little Britain Pub Company. LBPC were in the midst of re-branding their websites and also building and opening a new pub, all while simultaneously managing the three others that they have around Leicestershire. I was involved with creating the content for their new website, both stills and video.

The shoots and edits were done in really good time and the content looks great on their new website, but the video didn’t quite work. Something was missing, and due to the new pub still being in its infancy, we understandably put completing it on the back burner while the LBPC team focused their efforts and worked very hard to make The Crown Inn a success upon opening.

So, we have an 80% complete video which looks great, but due to it not yet being ready to be used for its intended purpose, it sat “gathering dust” on my hard drive. That was until a few weeks ago when I had an idea.

I’d been looking at Instagram and ways in which you can use it for marketing your work. I realised that the video edit could be broken down into several very short teaser clips, and ultimately be used in ways that we’d never originally intended to, but that have the potential to be seen by more people and be more accessible due to their bite-size nature. The 6-10 second clips can loop away to their hearts content on whatever platform people use to access Instagram.

Lesley, LBPC’s marketeer, liked the idea and so I got the re-edits done and I’m now on the journey to getting them out there and seen.

This blog post is step one.

Like I’ve said before – you never know if likes from all over the world on Instagram will lead to any money in the bank here in lil’ ol’ Leicestershire, but for businesses like myself and Little Britain Pub Company, it’s worth having a go!

Here’s a link to the video on youtube that has all four teaser videos in one (individual ones to follow on Instagram soon –impactvisuALS insta):

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