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The Life of a Leicestershire Photographer and Videographer

It has been a criminally long time since I updated this ol’ photography and videography blog.  Since I redesigned my website, the structure has made it easier to post bits and pieces about photo and video shoots as they come up and not actually write a full blog about them.  So hopefully here’s the first of many more in-depth updates about my recent goings on!

Promotional Video

Joe's Lawn Care impactvisuALS-38

Joe’s Lawns Company approached me earlier in the year, wanting a video to use on social media and their website to help launch their brand nationally.  Known locally in Leicestershire as being a very reliable and professional service, Joe’s Lawns Company are quickly expanding across the country and needed a video to demonstrate what it is that they do, and just what it is that they offer.  That’s where impactvisuALS came in!

The plan was to create a video that gave an insight into the process from start to finish – from when one of Joe’s team arrives, to when they leave, the process sometimes even involving sitting down with the client for a catch up and a coffee.

We needed sun, obviously – you can’t make a video about a lawn company without good weather to show off said lawns.  So we spent the spring months storyboarding and going over shot ideas, until the summer came and we were ready to shoot. 

Cue slo-mo, lens flares, sliding shots across beautiful lawns – you get the picture.


We got the main body of the video down with only a few hours shooting, and then had a quick trip to their office in Cropston to shoot in the ground of Joe’s Lawn Care’s office.

Because I storyboarded the hell out of it, the edit was really straight forward, and it wasn’t long before the theme music was purchased from Audio Jungle (a great source of stock music if ever you need it), and the video was up online.

You can see the video on the Joe’s Lawn Care website:

and also on youtube.

Or, you can just watch it here:

impactvisuALS and Joe’s Lawn Care made a corporate video!

If you’re needing video content for your website, social media, or even a show or event you’re putting on, get in touch with me via the contact page:

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