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I was approached a couple of weeks ago by a musician/actor/producer friend of mine, Bjorn Franklin, to do a promotional photography shoot with an artist he is managing. Musician/singer/songwriter Mark Elliott, who is based in Leicestershire, needed some fresh visual material to use to promote his upcoming work and gigs.

The brief was “urban and edgy”, my attention being drawn by Bjorn to promo shoots done by the likes of The “we’re not a pop band” 1975, as well a few instagram accounts of numerous other artists/musicians/models. In music, it’s obvious that the image of the artist is as important as the sound, so I set about finding places in and around Loughborough to get the shots we were after.

It turned out, during my location scouting, that some of the best places in Loughborough to get the rough urban look are the industrial areas – of which there are many – that have sprung up over the decades along the canal and railway routes. You can pretty much drive in a straight line to find them all. So one sunny afternoon the three of us set out, armed with my camera, a reflector, a tripod, and a few changes of clothes for Mark.

First up, along the canal there’s a bridge that works well due to its brick and gravel contrasting nicely with the greens and blues of nature behind it; though these were the only shots of their kind. The rest of the shoot utilised some great expanses of old/rusty doors, gates and pallets at Taylors Bell Foundry, an old wall in a private car park on Ratcliffe Road, the shutter of a disused shop on Burder Street, and also the interior of The Kelso in the centre of town. The shoot was a breeze, all of us being confident we’d met the brief perfectly.

Feeling fired up by the shoot, I got the edit smashed out over the course of a couple of hours that same night, and immediately shared the photos with Mark and Bjorn.

It’s safe to say we’re all chuffed with the result, and I’m so glad I scouted out the locations before we started the shoot! Here’s a selection from the day:

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