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Product Photography

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Product photography, much like any studio photography, is all about the lighting; something I learned when I first tried it.  Reading around the subject I learned that you have to make as much effort to light the background properly as you do the actual product, especially if you want it to be solid white.

Here’s a great guide to getting it right by Gavin Hoey – a font of knowledge and a regular face on my TV:

Anyway – if you read my blogs or see any of my work, you’ll know that I do a fair few projects with and through the awesome Emma from Print Monkey, a print and marketing services agency based in Loughborough.  Emma is in the process of updating her website with the many types of products the Print Monkey has to offer, and so called impactvisuALS in to take the photos.

Photography studio

I’m lucky insofar that my office can double up as a small studio for photography, so Emma came over one afternoon with a large box full of marketing collateral and we set to work.

print-monkey-product-photography-impactvisuals Print Monkey ProductShoot impactvisuALS-007

Professional Product Photography

I saw quite an interesting article on Digital Photography School’s website about a “quick and efficient” way to do product photography.

I have to admit, the set up looks quite over complicated and expensive for anyone who isn’t doing this sort of thing professionally or regularly.  For me, my work is varied, and product photography sometimes has to be done on the fly while in situ somewhere where you can’t fit loads of equipment, nor do you have the time to set all of it up.  With just a couple of lights and the right background, product photography needn’t be too difficult.  Of course, the opportunity to be able to do both simple and a full studio set up is preferable, and I can do either.

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So, if you need something you’ve made, or that you’re selling – or anything really – photographing, get in touch with me via the contact page:

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