Are you an individual?

impactvisuALS is here to help YOU.

It’s not only large companies or small businesses that need photography and video content. You, the individual, have your own ideas as to how you want to present yourself, promote yourself, or remember an occasion. Photography and videography contribute significantly to this.

We are bombarded with professional images and branding every day, from content on our phones to the sides of buses and trains – why shouldn’t you also have professional imagery that celebrates you as an individual?

Whether you’re a bride-to-be wanting photos of your big day, new parents wanting to capture those early moments with your baby, or an actor wanting headshots, impactvisuALS is here to cater for your needs.

All about you: You’re in charge!

Promoting you: Do you have a skill, profession, or interest that you wish to tell the world about? Or even a profile photo that needs to be updated?

Celebrating you: Do you have a big event or occasion coming up that you want to capture and look back on?

impactvisuALS can help you realise whatever photography or videography needs you have. Anything is possible.  Get in touch via the contact button below.

Here are some examples of individuals I have worked with:

Dean and Bonnie impactvisuALS Anna Lucia Sadler-3

R&A impactvisuALS-044

Rob Dukes and Ais De Ath - impactvisuALS-1

Rob Dukes and Ais De Ath - impactvisuALS-7

Hayley & Matt impactvisuALS-7068

Nick and Lauren Anna Lucia Sadler impactvisuALS-52

Baby E impactvisuALS-154

Amey impactvisuALS-4264

Headshot photography impactvisuALS

Headshot photography impactvisuALSIRS 2 impactvisuALS-3957

IRS impactvisuALS-5343

Nick and Lauren Anna Lucia Sadler impactvisuALS-36Nick and Lauren Anna Lucia Sadler impactvisuALS-12

Hollowood impactvisuALS-9924

Emma Francesca O'Flynn impactvisuALS-8665

Gym Fitness Progress Photography Leicestershire impactvisuALS

Rob Dukes and Ais De Ath - impactvisuALS-20

Rob Dukes and Ais De Ath - impactvisuALS-17

Rob Dukes and Ais De Ath - impactvisuALS-19Isherwood impactvisuALS-6651Live Music Events Photography Leicestershire impactvisuALS

Isherwood impactvisuALS-6675

climbing impactvisuALS-2

Baby J impactvisuALS-016

GLM impactvisuALS-4680

IRS impactvisuALS-8346

Kelso Loughborough Club Event Photography impactvisuALS

dj impactvisuALS-2dj impactvisuALS-2-2