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Recent Roundup impactvisuALS

I have to hold my hand up and admit that I am not the greatest at keeping my website up to date. I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts how it can be difficult to juggle everything when you’re a one-person photography and videography band, and it still holds true that when it comes to priorities, writing photo/video blog updates isn’t uppermost. However, that being said, we all know that a strong social media presence and an up to date website are all part and parcel of creating a successful business and brand. It’s just unfortunate that this remains true whether we enjoy it or not!

I actually feel quite lucky; I’m not too bad at writing, and also quite enjoy it. The only shame, really, is that there aren’t enough hours in the day, or week, or month… you get the picture.

This blog post exists to update you on everything I have been doing recently that I have tended to put on Facebook (impactvisuALS) but neglected to mention yet on here, so…

The Twins impactvisuALS

Last month I bought a couple of polystyrene heads – ‘The Twins’ – that I named Julius and Augustus. They have the sole purpose of being subjects for me to practice lighting techniques. I really enjoy portrait photography and particularly like quite dramatic lighting. To get good at this, you need to practice, which is great until you have to find models to stand in and be patient while you’re faffing about with lights. This is where The Twins come into their own: you don’t have to pay them, feed them, flatter them – you just shove them on a pole and you’re good to go. As you can see, they came to me looking quite pasty. Their being such a stark white makes it difficult to light them, so I sprayed them grey to get a more neutral tone that sits somewhere in the middle of the light/dark spectrum.

The Twins shoot impactvisuALS

The spraying of The Twins became a project in itself. Towards the end of last year I bought an awesome little camera – the Panasonic GH4 for those that are interested – but due to the end of my 2015 being pretty busy, I neglected to do much with it. I wanted a way to test out how good a picture I could get from its little micro 4/3s sensor – one that is capable of producing rather lovely 4K video. And so spraying the twins became my first project – a documentary of sorts – that I shot with a lovely assistant (also known as Dad).

Unfortunately, Julius reacted slightly with his spray tan, and developed a skin condition.

The Twins Edit impactvisuALS

The Twins Grey impactvisuALS

Staying in the realm of video, there is an exceptionally talented artist and all round lovely man called Olivier Leger in Loughborough (Ollie’s Facebook page).

Olivier Leger Anna Lucia Sadler impactvisuALS-1

A few months ago we talked about shooting a mini documentary about him and his work, and we recently started filming.  The video is in progress – there are still a few bits to shoot, and there’s certainly a lot of editing still to do. The edit is challenging because so much of what Ollie has to say is fascinating, which results in difficult decisions about what stays in and what must be cut. How awful it is to have such interesting subjects!

And don’t get me started on Pig.

Olivier Leger Pig impactvisuALS

I feel lucky actually, to have so many interesting subjects around me because in the end you can have all the skills and all the kit in the world, but if you have nothing interesting to shoot it’s just wasted potential.

Keep an eye out on Friday for part two of my recent round-up to hear more about my latest adventures.

Olivier Leger impactvisuALS

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