The Crown Inn, Old Dalby

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I’ve done a fair bit of work over the last year with Emma Moore at Print Monkey, a print and marketing services agency based in Loughborough, helping to generate photography and videography content for their clients.

A few months ago, through Emma, I met Lesley Herington, marketing manager and owner of Little Britain Pub Company’s new pub, The Crown Inn in Old Dalby.  The place was a building site; all hands on deck from plumbers to electricians, carpenters to plasterers, all hard at work while the bar and restaurant staff had an early look at their new place of work.  Lesley wanted the launch of the new pub to coincide with a rebrand of the current Little Britain Pub Company websites.  The Crown Inn’s website would be a departure from what had come before, and they wanted some fresh photography and video content to compliment it.

The pub, now finished and open to the public, is beautifully decorated and kitted out and therefore an ace subject to shoot.  So many interesting details and features, with a cracking beer garden no matter the weather!  Lesley and Emma (and Andy Moore, also from Print Monkey) are really easy and enjoyable to work with, and the photographs have come out really well – we’re all pleased with the end result, and with the help of Rebecca Harvey (the ace web developer who also helped me complete this very website) The Crown Inn website looks fantastic.  For me, it’s awesome, and also exciting, to have websites with a large body of content of my photography to direct people to.  I’m looking forward to working with the Little Britain Pub Company again in the future, not least to finish up the video in the new year!

The rest of the team at The Crown were really accommodating when it came to me moving in with lots of kit and they having to work around me.  None more so than the kitchen crew who, as a large team, fit in a small space and yet somehow still managed to be very patient while we were shooting, and helped me capture some quality shots.  In particular, a shout out to Carl, who is not only a great chef (I may have sampled some of the dishes he produced) but also looks wicked on camera and added real character to the shots.  Chef Carl and Olly – bar manager at one of the other sites – were fantastic additions to the video shoot due to how natural they are on camera, and how easy they are to work with.

All-in-all, the shoots went really well, the shots look great, and the website has been put together beautifully by Rebecca, Emma and Lesley. I really hope The Crown Inn is a successful venture and enjoyed by many many people.

Check out the following link, and go to the testimonial section of my website if you want to see what Lesley has said about working with me!

The Crown Inn

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