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The Curzon Arms impactvisuALS-2731

Venue Photography / Website Content

A lot of impactvisuALS’ recent work has been for companies wanting to freshen up their websites with new photography.

I’ve been involved with updating four of The Little Britain Pub Company’s websites, for The Crown Inn, The Blue Bell Inn, The Windmill Inn and The Curzon Arms.  The brief was broad – to capture the atmosphere of each of the pubs, from the minor details to the major, the gardens, and the chefs hard at work in the kitchen. I particularly enjoy capturing people doing what they love, and so it was a fun challenge to get the chefs as they prepped for the day ahead.  This was the case for The Boardwalk Bar and Dining (mentioned later in this post).


The Blue Bell Inn LBPC impactvisuALS-2651

The Curzon Arms impactvisuALS-2767

The Windmill Inn impactvisuALS-2986

The Crown Inn impactvisuALS-5415

The Curzon Arms impactvisuALS-2742

The Blue Bell Inn LBPC impactvisuALS-2594


The Crown Inn impactvisuALS-6064 The Crown Inn impactvisuALS-6033 The Windmill Inn impactvisuALS-3072 The Windmill Inn impactvisuALS-3058 The Windmill Inn impactvisuALS-3049

With venue shoots, I tend to prefer to use natural light to capture the natural atmosphere.  In the case of the LBPC venues we had to use a lot of additional light to ensure we got all the details, but it worked really well, and we still managed to accurately represent the character of each of the pubs.


The Blue Bell Inn LBPC impactvisuALS-2395 The Blue Bell Inn LBPC impactvisuALS-2412 The Blue Bell Inn LBPC impactvisuALS-2422

The Curzon Arms impactvisuALS-2701 The Windmill Inn impactvisuALS--2

The Crown Inn impactvisuALS-6160 The Crown Inn impactvisuALS-6151 The Crown Inn impactvisuALS-6097

It can sometimes be a challenge to capture the broader mood/atmosphere of a venue.  The eye is selective with what it sees and notices the small details, whereas the camera often does not.  I feel we did a really good job with each of the pubs, and Lesley (LBPC Marketing Manager) did a fantastic job of styling each of the zones we photographed.


The Crown Inn impactvisuALS-6091

The Curzon Arms impactvisuALS-2872The Curzon Arms impactvisuALS-

The Windmill Inn impactvisuALS-2926 The Curzon Arms impactvisuALS-2841

Working alongside Emma at Print Monkey, and Rebecca from Let Me Organise You, the turnaround for completion of the websites was really fast, and they look great.  Having worked together on a few occasions now, the three of us have a really clear idea of what Lesley wants, and where before the LBPC websites didn’t truly reflect the character of the pubs, the LBPC brand is now clear and consistent across the four websites.

The Crown Inn

The Curzon Arms

The Blue Bell Inn

The Windmill Inn


The team at The Boardwalk Bar and Dining in Willington is another client I met through Emma at Print Monkey, and they also wanted some fresh photography to add to the current content on their website.

The Boardwalk Bar & Dining

The Boardwalk Bar and Dining impactvisuALS-1796

The Boardwalk Bar and Dining impactvisuALS-1832

The Boardwalk Bar & Dining impactvisuALS-1881

The Boardwalk Bar & Dining impactvisuALS-1912

The Boardwalk Bar and Dining impactvisuALS-1767

The Boardwalk Bar and Dining impactvisuALS-1783

The Boardwalk Bar and Dining impactvisuALS-1905

The Boardwalk Bar and Dining impactvisuALS-1858

The Boardwalk Bar and Dining impactvisuALS-1914

Time now for me to unveil my own new-look website!

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